Founded in 2016, Clapham Cycle is a unique cycling community, based in South West London.

We all love cycling, its what brings us together, but what sets us apart from other cycling clubs is our emphasis on the social experience, and ensuring that we provide a warm welcome to new members of all abilities. Our calendar is brimming with cycling and social activities, with the intention of providing something for everyone and nobody gets left behind.

We are an extremely active group, hosting on average 3-4 organised rides per week with 3-5 trips abroad and throughout the UK each year. Over the past four years we have grown rapidly to 210 members and are extremely proud to boast a 45:55 female to male ratio across our membership base.

We continually work hard to help and encourage beginner cyclists progress and push themselves through the ranks, but are also fortunate to possess extremely strong, experienced and competent riders at the upper end of the ability spectrum.

Join us today, keep fit, make new friends, but most of all have fun. We look forward to welcoming you to the fastest growing cycling commnuty around.

Happy Cycling.